All-Party Parliamentary Group
on Vascular and Venous Disease

Reports and Publications

Saving Limbs, Saving Lives: Patient Access to Technologies for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Access to technology facilitates the earlier and more accurate identification of people at potential risk of amputation, heart attack, stroke and early death from arterial disease. The Group launched an inquiry into patient access to technology designed to help prevent lower limb amputation in summer 2016. The inquiry invited submissions and oral evidence from experts involved with the diagnosis and delivery of vascular services. This report is the culmination of the Group’s findings.

Saving Limbs Saving Lives - A Review of Strategic Clinical Networks

The Group has released its latest report, which focuses on reviewing the work of Strategic Clinical Networks in relation to cardiovascular disease; in particular Peripheral Arterial Disease and diabetes. The Group undertook a scoping exercise of Strategic Clinical Networks to determine the levels of activity across the country working to reduce unnecessary amputations. This report consolidates findings and makes recommendations for how to maximise impact, with admittedly limited resources, and ultimately ensure a more standardised level of output and outcomes across the country.

Tackling Peripheral Arterial Disease More Effectively: Saving Limbs, Saving Lives

Coinciding with Vascular Awareness Week, the Group has released its latest report on Vascular Disease, focusing on Peripheral Arterial Disease and regional variations of lower-limb amputations in England.

Vascular Disease APPG Submission

The APPG contributed to the NHS Commissioning Board consultation on specialised services.

Members of the APPG on vascular disease are determined that the Group plays a major role in driving awareness of the disease, and is a vehicle for clinicians and others to challenge and compliment the Department of Health and the NHS in their efforts to tackle the disease. To this end we have drawn together comments and observations that the Group has received, for consideration by the NHS Commissioning Board and by Ministers.

We have focused on two elements of this consultation - A4, Specialised Services for Vascular Disease (Adults) and A9b2 Clinical Commissioning Policy – Renal Denervation.

Putting Vascular Disease at the Centre of Government Thinking

The APPG produced a report on Vascular Disease contributing to the Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes Strategy.

One of the major achievements of the NHS over the past decade has been improvements in patient outcomes from cardiovascular disease. However, there is a need to update and build on that work. This is why the Department of Health Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes Strategy is so very welcome.

Vascular disease should play an important part of this strategy. It is the most common precursor to coronary heart disease and heart attack, and causes stroke by affecting the arteries in the neck.

This is why the APPG on Vascular Disease wanted to inform the development of this new strategy with specific references to forms of vascular disease. We have consulted with a range of clinicians, patient groups and other health care professionals to get expert advice from those who live with and treat vascular disease, and those that manage services.

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