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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vascular Disease is conducting an inquiry into efforts to improve outcomes for patients suffering with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) – often complicated by diabetes – and avoiding unnecessary lower limb amputation. Much has been made of data that shows the lower limb regional disparity – but many feel the reasons behind this variation need to be explored.

Moreover, the inquiry hopes to capture examples of good practice and assess clinical and cost effectiveness evidence associated with these examples.

Written submissions are invited to address the following questions:

  1. What are your experiences of multi-disciplinary teams for the treatment of PAD and/or the diabetic foot? Does this model of care/provision improve patient outcomes?

  2. Where multi-disciplinary teams exist – what are the clinical and allied health specialities that should be included? How crucial is the inclusion of interventional radiologists?

  3. In your experience, how well understood are established patients pathways following the diagnosis of critical limb ischemia or diabetic foot ulceration in primary care? Are these pathways fit for purpose?

  4. In your experience, how well do the public and GPs understand the risks of lower limb amputation for particular patient profiles – and what more can be done to spread knowledge and best practice?

  5. What actions do you feel are needed to reduce the number of lower limb amputations associated with PAD and diabetes? Please provide information about the extent to which your suggestions are likely to impact on the number of amputations?

  6. Do you know of any developments in prevention, diagnosis, treatment or management that will impact on the way in which services need to be commissioned or delivered over the next decade?

  7. Do you have any other comments or suggestions that would improve service delivery for PAD and the diabetic foot and improve outcomes?

Submissions should consider these questions in respect of early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease. It is not necessary to address all the questions.

Written submissions should be sent as a Microsoft Word document by email to by Friday 20th September 2013. Submissions should be no longer than 2000 words.

An oral evidence hearing will be held on Tuesday 10th September 2013. The hearing will be in Committee Room 21, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, between 4pm and 6pm. Please email if you wish to give evidence or attend the hearing.

Neil Carmichael MP

Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Vascular Disease