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On Thursday 27th April 2017, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vascular Disease teamed up with the North West Coast Strategic Clinical Network to hold a conference on diabetic footcare. Healthcare professionals across the North West, from Cumbria to Manchester, came together to discuss the current state of diabetic footcare within the region, and brought together their wealth of experience and their innovative ideas for improving patient pathways.

The morning consisted of presentations by experienced clinicians in endocrinology, vascular surgery, podiatry, and diabetology, which expertly illustrated the current issues faced by clinicians and patients. The presentations proved to be extremely useful in firing up debate and discussions around how to improve patient outcomes, which stimulated the second half of the day which was conducted as an ‘unconference’.

The unconference was set up as a democratic way of ensuring that all attendees the were involved in leading the discussion and had an equal opportunity to suggest a topic for discussion, leading to six fluid roundtable conversations occurring during each session. There were three sessions scheduled, so there were a total of 18 topics discussed. Attendees could move in and out of different conversations, listen where they felt they wanted to, and contributing where they could. The event was very well received by the attendees, as the event encouraged ambitious conversations and collaboration between healthcare professionals and patient representatives, who are all committed to improving the lives of patients who suffer with diabetic foot problems.